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Masters In Public Administration

Masters In Public Administration program prepares students for leadership roles in public service. We train students for management careers in nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and social enterprises. Graduates have gone on to impressive careers like coordinating budget analysis at the White House, managing public health programs in developing countries, guiding the strategic planning of charitable foundations, advocating for disability rights, and creating social enterprises to address drug addiction, HIV prevention, and other pressing social challenges.

Bachelors in Art History

The Bachelors in Art History degree trains up experts in analysis and management of art heritage, a vital part of such important sectors as the cultural industry and tourism. Art History deals with the study and interpretation of art through time. Currently, this field is characterised by the rapid development of contemporary art, the continuous expansion of the cultural industry, and the use of new technological resources.

Bachelors in Anthropology

Bachelors in Anthropology program explores the widest possible definition of human diversity through research, history and comparative analysis to better comprehend future trends as well. Anthropologists test hypotheses largely through fieldwork. The program at City College is designed to offer students a background in the four fields of the discipline: Archaeology, Sociocultural Anthropology,Linguistic Anthropology, Physical Anthropology.

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