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Accounting (MAc)

The Master of Accounting degree program is a graduate professional program designed to provide advanced, specialized training in accounting and tax accounting. The curriculum covered in a master’s in accounting degree program is focused primarily on fundamental concepts of accounting, effective accounting methods. An individual with talent and interest in working with numbers and strong attention to detail can excel in this career field.

Bachelors in Art History

Art History concerns itself with human history through the study of painting, sculpture, architecture and the graphic and decorative arts. Art History considers these arts as creative processes—as expressions of human ideas, feelings and conditions of life. Bachelors in Art History program allows students to immerse themselves in cultural and aesthetic issues. Through the study of Art History, students gain an awareness of the values and social conditions embodied in great works of art.

Bachelors in Anthropology

Bachelors in Anthropology degrees set out to investigate humankind and human society, from the physical evolution of the human body and brain, through to the political, cultural and linguistic practices of modern societies. It provides a solid foundation for careers such as forensic science, peace and conflict resolution, community service, cross-cultural research, international health, cultural resource management, national park service, teaching, international business, language interpreters, primatology, global economy, environmental conservation, tribal anthropology, and museum curation.

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