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Accounting (MS)

The Master of Science in Accounting degree program is a graduate professional program designed to provide advanced, specialized training in accounting. These programs prepare students for careers such as the independent practice of public accounting, controllership, and general accounting management. Graduate work in accounting is offered for those who strive for a stronger background in business and accounting, and for those who wish to teach in colleges and universities.

Bachelors in Accounting

Bachelors in Accounting involves the collection, organization, and presentation of financial information for effective decision-making. Accounting services often include independent auditing, tax advice and tax return preparation, financial and management consulting, and entrepreneurial services. All accounting is characterized by compiling, analyzing, and reporting on the financial conditions of the many functions for companies, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and individuals.

Bachelors in Chemistry

Bachelors in Chemistry provides students the intellectual, experimental, and communication skills to become effective scientific professionals. The program provides a strong science foundation for those interested in pursuing technical careers or health-related professions. Students completing either degree are prepared upon graduation to work as chemists in academic, industrial and governmental settings. In addition, these programs provide an excellent foundation for advanced studies in chemistry, biochemistry or related graduate programs as well as professional schools in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and osteopathy.

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