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Urban Affairs - MA

The program is organized around select public policy issues with emphases on their relation to life in urban communities. Students develop skills in critical demand by public, public/private, non-profit and community organizations immersed in resolving the ongoing problems of an ever-increasing urban world.

Interior Design - BS

Interior Design - BS program provides a meaningful design studio sequence including current knowledge of codes, appropriate detailing of interior materials, principles of sustainable design, and requirements for meeting the needs of diverse populations. It is the mission of the Program in Interior Design to prepare students for entry into the interior design profession by supporting and encouraging their roles in the service of the health, safety and welfare of building users, as well as the creation of aesthetic environments.

Architecture - BS

Architecture - BS students are educated in design, construction technologies, digital arts, the humanities, social sciences, and aesthetic expression. Goals of the program include introducing architecture as a profession and a way of understanding our natural and built environments.

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