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BS in Wildlife Biology

Bachelor's degree programs in wildlife biology usually offer concentrations in either wildlife or fisheries biology. Students in a wildlife biology degree program are instructed in the behavior, origin and habitats of animals and other wildlife. The program prepare students for careers studying the behavior of animals, monitoring their populations and managing their habitats.

B.S. Sustainable Business Management

It is crucial for business professionals to understand key environmental and social issues, risks, and opportunities to help companies drive innovation, improve efficiency, and create new markets. Unity College’s B.S. in Sustainable Business Management is a transdisciplinary program that prepares students for a variety of professions in which business leaders advance the sustainable movement and make the case for applicable sustainability innovations.

B.S. Environmental Studies

Unity College’s B.S. in Environmental Studies gives students the knowledge and skills to address the most pressing environmental issues. Since solutions to environmental challenges cannot come from one type of thinking or knowledge, students will draw skills and knowledge from a variety of fields to become some of the world’s leading environmental innovators, leaders, and thinkers.

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