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Anthropology, M.A.

The MA in Anthropology is an advanced degree in socio-cultural anthropology in which students are given a sophisticated introduction to the theoretical underpinnings of the discipline, a block of modules that open up and explore the conceptual and methodological core of the discipline, and a series of specialized modules that show the range of socio-cultural anthropology today. Students are also required to write a thesis. The MA in Anthropology is primarily a scholarly degree that aims to equip students for later doctoral research or for work in roles that demand academic social-scientific knowledge or the particular skills of trained ethnographic researchers.

Criminology (Bachelor of Arts)

Criminology is the study of crime and criminal behavior. Because crime is a core societal issue, criminologists examine society’s response to crime and the role of the state in crime prevention and enforcement. It is not always easy to understand why people commit crimes, what an appropriate punishment may be or how laws impact the prevention of crime. Criminologists study all of these issues and more. Criminology is a field of sociology that borrows from the disciplines of law, political science, history and psychology, among others.

Accounting (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration)

An Accounting degree can give you an edge in a competitive business world. The program is particularly suited for individuals changing career paths or working toward completing the educational requirements for the CPA exam. World-class faculty help you gain the accounting knowledge needed to move ahead in your career. All industries need individuals with accounting skills for a variety of business roles throughout the organization, including managers and analysts. Accounting represents the language of business and provides individuals with the skills needed to evaluate the financial implications of business strategies and plans.

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