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MA in Biology

UB’s Master of Arts in Biology degree programs offer a contemporary curriculum that emphasizes the principles and experimental approaches of modern biology. They are designed to address the diverse needs of each type of graduate-level biology student. Both programs cover a wide-range of biological sub-disciplines, such as toxicology, ecology, and genetics, to prepare you for greater opportunities both professionally and academically.

Computer Science BS

B.S. Degree in Computer Science program provides basic coverage of algorithms, data structures, software design, concepts of programming languages, and computer organization and architecture. Theoretical foundations, problem analysis, and solution design are stressed within the program’s core materials. Students are exposed to a variety of programming languages and systems and become proficient in more than one higher-level language.

Accounting BS

The accounting curriculum provides an opportunity for students with varied interests to obtain a broad based understanding of the role of accounting in the measurement and communication of financial and economic data. A number of interdisciplinary courses have been designed for those students wishing a maximum overview of multinational issues in accounting and taxation as well as for those students who intend to pursue more advanced studies in accounting.

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