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Accountancy (MPAc)

MPAc program provides you with the knowledge, technical skills and career preparation to thrive in one of the hottest job sectors in California–and beyond. MPAc program helps students learn the technical skills from the greatest accountants in the field. With one of the top CPA pass rates in California and valuable corporate connections, our MPAc program puts you in the fast lane to success in one of the hottest job sectors.

Bachelors in Atmospheric Science

Bachelors in Atmospheric Science program will prepare graduates for the growing diversity of careers addressing weather, climate, and the atmospheric environment, or for graduate study leading to such careers. An atmospheric scientist looks at the relationships between Earth's atmosphere and the other systems it effects. The study of atmospheric sciences includes a number of subdisciplines, including aeronomy, climatology and meteorology.

Bachelors in Animal Science

The bachelor's programme Animal Sciences stimulates you to study and explore the biological functioning of animals in our society – animals that we care for and keep for food, as pets, for the preservation of nature or for educational and recreational purposes. How can these animals adapt to their environment, and how can we create the best possible environment for them? Answering these questions demands a fundamental understanding of the biology of domestic and captive animals, as well as knowledge about animal management and care in our society.

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