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MFA in Digital Arts New Media

The MFA in Digital Arts New Media program brings together faculty and students from across the academic spectrum to pursue interdisciplinary artistic and scholarly research. The diverse curriculum includes collaborative research project groups, where small clusters of students work with professors on artistic, technical and theoretical research in one of four focused areas: Mechatronics, Participatory Culture, Performative Technologies, and Playable Media.

BS in Bioengineering

BS in Bioengineering curriculum enables students to embrace biology as a new engineering paradigm and apply engineering principles to medical problems and biological systems. Students who earn a BS in Bioengineering will obtain a solid background in the basic sciences (chemistry, physics and biology) and mathematics.

BA in Anthropology

Anthropology studies what it means to be human, and how humans make meaning. Anthropologists look at people from all angles: how they come to be, what they create, and how they give significance to their lives. Anthropology is a rich and integrative discipline that prepares students to live and work effectively in a diverse and increasingly interconnected world. The Anthropology Undergraduate Program incorporates three subfields of anthropology: anthropological archaeology, cultural anthropology, and biological anthropology.

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