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Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is the broadest engineering discipline, and this wide and exciting field of investigation can be applied to a diverse range of areas. The course will provide students with theoretical and practical skills, enabling them to translate science into real-world solutions, with an applied focus on computer-aided engineering, design and sustainability. The MEng degree will provide a balance of theoretical and practical skills to solve real industrial problems. The course will enable students to apply their engineering and scientific knowledge to a realistic and substantial team project, as well as providing the option to follow a module based on their specialisation.

Bachelor of Arts in International Development Studies

International Development Studies (IDS) will help students to understand the dominating influences on all aspects of 21st-century life. Governments, businesses, environmental and humanitarian groups and individuals recognise the need to understand more about development issues and how they can be addressed. They can combine IDS with one of a range of subjects providing additional expertise that might be applied in a development context.

Bachelor of Science in Bioveterinary Science

The Bioveterinary Science degree at the University of Chester will prepare students for a range of careers related to animal healthcare but primarily it will focus on teaching the diverse skills required to work in pathology laboratories that support the veterinary profession. It will also provide them with the advanced skills and knowledge required to offer technical assistance and research to the animal healthcare industry. This course offers training and knowledge that will help them assist in the diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases.

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