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M.S. in Architecture

The Master of Science in Architecture at DAAP is a post-professional degree, usually best suited to those who have completed a professional bachelor's degree, or those who have strong backgrounds in other fields and whose interest in architecture is of a theoretical or investigative nature. The program's broadly intellectual emphasis enables in-depth critical involvement and methodological acuity.

BA in Economics

The bachelor of arts in economics degree fuses specialized study in economics with a broad foundation in liberal arts, preparing graduates for a wide array of opportunities. With over 30 credit hours of in-depth economic coursework, you'll develop strong research and analytical skills to solve complex problems of scarce resources and unlimited wants.

BS in Criminal Justice

BS in Criminal Justice program includes a wide range of hands-on learning opportunities. Classes such as Service Learning in Criminal Justice allow students to better understand the relationship between the community and correctional organizations, police, and courts. Other classes in this program include Ethics and Criminal Justice and Criminal Punishment, which examines theories and philosophies on corrections and rehabilitation.

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