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MS in Biology

The M.S. program in biology is designed to meet diverse student interests and to provide additional preparation for careers in biology. Individualized programs are prepared to meet the needs and career plans of those enrolling. The two year M.S. degree is thesis-based and relatively structured in nature. It is designed to either prepare the student for a research career in government, industry, or academics or to continue toward the Ph.D. degree.

BS in Accounting

The curriculum prepares, analyzes and communicates relevant information to those making business decisions. Through accounting, you will focus on an organization’s resources and how efficiently it performs. In addition to a major and minor, the accounting department offers a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree program.

BS in Biology

In BS in Biology curriculum, you will examine living things and how they survive; how they affect each other and their environments; and their energy, food, growth, maintenance, physiology and reproduction processes. You can study and solve real-world challenges in human, animal and environmental health.

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