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Master of Arts in Communication

The School of Communication offers a Master of Arts intended for students seeking an advanced degree that provides breadth and depth in the study of human and mediated communication. The program consists of a blend of courses and seminars in which the social sciences and the humanities play a central role. The coursework and research opportunities are designed for students who wish to pursue scholarly interests in the field of communication, media, advertising, public relations, or organizational communication.

Bachelors in Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Program offers courses in the study of criminal behavior, criminal law, and proactive and reactive strategies of social control of crime. The program offers courses that broadly educate students in the full range of issues related to the social nature of crime, criminal law and social control.

Bachelors in Computer Science

Computer Science teaches you about computer languages, programming, database systems, and how to create software that serves the needs of a wide variety of industries. Bachelors in Computer Science is designed to prepare students for a career in the computer profession, business, or education.

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