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Master of Science in Advanced Project Management in Construction

This course focuses on developing and applying advanced project management strategies needed to plan, organise and co-ordinate the integrated delivery of complex projects in evolving global environments. This course is aimed at industry professionals seeking to acquire such advanced, strategic level skills as project managers in the global construction industry who are wishing to progress towards managerial positions. To take up such roles students would need to be able to apply knowledge to optimise and solve complex issues in a very dynamic industry, with a clear understanding of business implications. This course aims to enable the understanding of process and production management issues, including planning and control approaches, the management of resources, and how information technology can be applied to support successful project outcomes. The advanced level nature of the course also aims to prepare students for further research in the field, either within academia or for consultant organisations, providing the skills and competencies necessary for a project manager to successfully deliver global projects.

Bachelor of Science in Air Transport and Logistics Management

The world is globalised where people travel further and more often for business and for pleasure. That places more and more demand on airlines. The course will give students the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills required for an exciting and challenging career in airlines, air freight, freight forwarders, express couriers and general logistics or supply chain management. They will study core subjects like finance, economics, HR management, marketing and strategic management. Students will also study the specialist knowledge required for a career in the various parts of the air industry. So they can begin to shape their own course and create their ideal career path.

Bachelor of Arts in Accountancy

Whatever the economic climate, businesses across the UK always need accountants. Whether students are hoping to work in the private, public or voluntary sector, this course could help them gain a thorough grounding in accountancy to take them to the next step in their career. If they are going to be an accountant it’s vital they understand how organisations are financed and managed. That’s what’s at the core of the degree. Students look at how companies are run, and then have the opportunity to choose particular topics to study in more detail.

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