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MS in Civil Engineering

The integrity of a bridge, highway, building or other structure depends on the integrity of the earth on which it stands. Geological engineers have the expertise to help ensure that structures are built on or in solid ground. This program combines includes courses in geological engineering, geology, civil engineering, hydrogeology and site characterization. You will learn how to combine skills in geology and engineering to design and construct infrastructure projects and evaluate geologic hazards.

BS in Virtual Technology & Design

The distinctive Bachelor of Science in Virtual Technology and Design is an industry-driven degree program that merges technology with the science of art and design emphasizing Gaming/Entertainment Design and Simulation/Visualization. Students become designers, storytellers, and researchers who create virtual experiences to transform the way people across the globe work and play using technology-enabled design skills to innovate and think critically about complex problems in business, entertainment, education, and health care.

BS in Entomology

In this program, you will study the role of insects in crop production and landscapes. You will explore topics like pollination, disease transmission, pest management, environmental sustainability and other areas of entomology. Much of your education will take place in the field or in the laboratory, where you might study how hormonal changes in mosquitoes affect malaria transmission or how aphids inhibit photosynthesis in crops.

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