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M.A. in Applied Anthropology

The M.A. degree in Applied Anthropology at UK is designed to train students to apply the theories, methods, and practices of anthropology to solve real world problems, and to prepare students for careers in different domains of application or for further graduate study. The M.A. in Applied Anthropology program has two Areas of Concentration – Archaeology and Cultural Anthropology. Students must declare their area of concentration in their program application.

BS in Biology

To address the breadth and depth essential to educating biologists, the biology major is structured to include both a broad foundation through core courses and opportunity for specialization within a biological subfield through biology electives. The major is designed to prepare the student for a post-baccalaureate profession in biology, for advanced professional training in the health sciences, or for graduate study in basic and applied areas of the biological sciences.

Bachelors in Anthropology

Bachelors in Anthropology offers opportunities to learn about the diverse people of today’s world, as well as about their biological and cultural origins. This area of study deals with ecology, society, biology, culture, language and other aspects of human life. In addition, anthropologists study history and evolution in both a cultural and biological framework.

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