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Master of Arts in Management

The AMBA accredited masters in management provides students with broad-ranging management knowledge and skills alongside critical insight into how organisations operate. Designed to give a comprehensive introduction to all the major management disciplines, this course is ideal for anyone with a non-business background. Students will develop essential skills including critical thinking, problem-solving and collaborative working. They will gain the hands-on practical experience that employers are looking for through real-world business projects and case studies. The staff at the university create opportunities for students to build applied skills and insight, and offer enriching experiences such as talks from industry speakers and workshops on topics such as leadership.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics

This course allows students to develop a solid grounding in the main branches of mathematics, but with a strong emphasis on statistics. Mathematics is the language of science and is ever-present in everyone’s lives. This course introduces students to core mathematics topics alongside studying statistics to an advanced level, while still giving you the flexibility to explore other areas that interest them. Statistics underpins a great deal of scientific research and analysis. Statisticians are qualified to collect, analyse and present data in a scientific and objective manner. The work of statisticians is used to ensure correct decisions are made. Statisticians are in high demand in both the private and public sectors, in areas such as market research, the NHS, environmental science, forensic science and government statistics. Graduates of this course also enjoy the same opportunities as those studying for a mathematics degree.

Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Mathematics

This course offers students the opportunity to spend a year working in industry or studying at a university abroad, both of which provide valuable experience and help their personal development. Both of these schemes add an additional year to the course, taking the total course length to 4 years. Our industrial placement scheme gives students the opportunity to gain work experience in an industry relevant to their degree and interests. The students often describe this industrial experience as an invaluable part of their degree and one which stands them in good stead for their future careers. The study abroad year enables them to gain insight into the study of actuarial mathematics at one of our partner universities overseas. Many students have found this to be extremely worthwhile in helping broaden their horizons in terms of learning about a new culture and improving their foreign language skills.

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