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Master of Science in Advanced Computer Science

This MSc is designed for students who wish to supplement their education in a specific set of advanced topics and cutting-edge technologies that they require for their professional lives, or to pursue their studies further to a PhD on a specific topic. It offers a broad menu of modules from which they can construct their own pathway with the advice and assistance of a member of staff. Over the course of this degree, students will develop a deep understanding of the nature and impact of current challenges faced by the IT industry so that they know what is expected from a mature professional. Students will also develop an awareness of the methodologies and technologies that are available within computer science to address these challenges, so that they can evaluate and analyse specific situations and make informed choices.

Bachelor of Arts in Ancient History

The BA in Ancient History offers students the chance to immerse themselves in the history of the classical world. From the Greek city-states to the Roman Empire, from kingdoms in the Near East to networks in North Africa, students will have the chance to explore a fascinating and crucial chapter of human past. They will learn about the societies and cultures of antiquity, and investigate the way these changed over time. They will be introduced to key historical frameworks and discover a wide range of sources that bring them face-to-face with the ancient world, from literary texts to ancient artefacts. A broad range of option modules, combined with detailed research projects and a dissertation in their final year will ensure that the course has breadth as well as depth.

Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance

The BSc in Accounting and Finance will provide students with a solid foundation and technical skills in accounting and finance. It will help students to develop quantitative, communications and information technology skills and the ability to apply these skills in an accounting and finance context. They will learn how managers, shareholders and other stakeholders make decisions in organisations. As part of the University of Leicester’s commitment to being a leading academic institution, regular reviews and updates are done to the degree and modules to ensure that they reflect the most up-to-date research, knowledge, ideas and teaching practices, as well as take into account student feedback. The availability of key teaching staff where this will impact on the delivery of the course is also taken into account. As a result, if there are major changes to the course that students have applied for, the university contacts them as soon as possible and ensures that any disruption to studies is minimised.

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