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MS in Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology offers programs of graduate study designed to provide a broad background in all significant facets of the discipline—biological, archaeological and cultural, analytic as well as descriptive—while still encouraging specialization. It provides training both for students interested in an academic career in anthropology and for those concerned with practical issues approached from the integrative perspective of anthropology.

BA in Anthropology

A degree in anthropology provides students with a comprehensive overview of anthropological concepts and theories. The curriculum helps students develop an appreciation for the diversity of human cultures and the principles and methods that anthropologists employ for studying them. Students will master the fundamental cultural themes in at least one society other than their own, and the relationship of those themes to the dynamics of social organization.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication is based upon research and coursework that emphasize the rhetorical, organizational, interpersonal, and mediated contexts and perspectives which define the field of communication. These are advanced through the faculty's commitment to the scholarships of discovery, teaching, application, and integration.

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