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Master of Science in Geospatial Analysis (MSGA)

The MSGA program will provide you with the ability to master geospatial technology and critically assess data and results to ask and answer spatial questions. Intended for recent graduates with a major, minor, certificate, or multiple courses in geospatial technology, and for professionals already working in geospatial fields, the program integrates theory and technical training with critical thinking, project management, and communication skills – giving you the competitive advantage you need to advance your career in the high-growth geospatial technology industry.

Bachelors in Accounting

Bachelors in Accounting at University of Mary Washington know their business and find jobs keeping track of it. Core business courses will give you a solid foundation for major-specific offerings including Accounting for Managers, Business Law for Accountants, and Auditing.

Bachelors in Art History

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History provides the background for a life-long appreciation of art and the intellectual framework for conducting research in art history. Our discipline explores the cultural, philosophical, historical and global contexts of visual human expressions. Classes focus on styles, issues, media, and individuals and give a broad overview of the complexity of art.

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