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MS in Biology

The MS in Biology is a research-intensive program that will prepare you for a variety of careers in the life sciences or to pursue further graduate study. With an emphasis on experiential learning, this hands-on program will give you experience in scientific methods through immersion in all aspects of scientific research, including the formulation of testable hypotheses, experimental design, data collection and analysis, and dissemination of results as written articles and oral presentations.

Applied Computer Science (BS)

Applied computer science is the study of both theoretical and applied computing. Like computer science, applied computer science focuses on technical computing concepts. It also focuses on development of skills in organizational leadership and business strategy. That means graduates of applied computer science programs are well-rounded and have the hands-on technical skills needed to do a variety of IT jobs.

Astronomy (B.S.)

Astronomy is a physical science—a study of objects and matter—outside the Earth’s atmosphere. Astronomers use observations to collect data and theory to make sense of it. They rely entirely on observation, unlike physicists and chemists who build laboratories and do experiments.

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