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MS in Accounting

MS in Accounting cultivates in-depth understanding of how accounting affects organizations and society while strengthening necessary analytical skills. Courses focus on practical concepts, and students learn from accomplished faculty who possess valuable industry experience.

BS in Accounting

Accountants have the critical task of providing a comprehensive picture of a company’s financial health so that business owners can make informed decisions that directly impact their company’s bottom line. That is why the field of accounting is a breeding ground for business leaders. As an accounting major at the University of New Haven, you’ll participate in a well-rounded education that goes beyond the numbers. You’ll learn how to impart technologically-driven insight and even solve white-collar crimes.

BS in Biology

In biology, there are questions to be asked and problems to be solved. Through the biology program at the University of New Haven, you will learn to do both successfully, applying the theoretical knowledge you gain in the classroom in hands-on laboratory activities and engaging in field work right from the start. You’ll study life in its most basic and its most complex forms as you explore and expand the framework that informs our understanding of the wonders of the natural world.

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