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Earth Sciences - MA

UNC enables you to customize the Master of Arts in Earth Sciences to fit your academic and professional goals. You’ll gain high-level skills and expertise across multiple disciplines, enabling you to advance your career in education, earth and atmospheric sciences, energy, resource management and many other fields. Situated at the intersection of mountains and plains, UNC provides you with extraordinary opportunities to conduct field research. You’ll also work with outstanding faculty who can help you customize a master’s program that builds on your strengths and fits your objectives.

Anthropology (BA)

Open doors to exciting careers in areas from archaeology to genetic counseling. In UNC’s Anthropology bachelor’s degree program, you’ll explore diverse cultures and examine how, when and where human life arose. At the same time, you’ll gain critical thinking skills that will be an asset in every area of your career and life.

Biological Sciences BS - Cell and Molecular Biology Emphasis

In this basic science emphasis area, you’ll acquire a solid understanding of biological principles focused on the basic unit of life: the cell. The program covers all prerequisite courses for medical, dental, veterinary, and other health-related professional schools. You can also use it as a foundation for graduate studies or employment in fields such as public health, medical research, forensic biology, agricultural sciences, biodiversity studies, and many others.

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