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Masters of Science in Biology

This major is available for students seeking an extensive research experience. In the Department of Biology at UNI, students will be surrounded by others who are curious and intent upon learning more about the broad discipline of biology. After completing a series of core courses, biology students are able to specialize in several areas of study. Masters of Science in Biology offers basic preparation for entry-level positions, graduate work or an advanced degree in all health-related areas. The biology: biomedical emphasis offers preparation for allopathic, osteopathic, chiropractic, pharmacy, physical therapy, dental, veterinary, optometric, podiatric and other health-related programs. In addition, it prepares students for the post-graduate study in biomedical sciences. The biology: evolution, ecology and organismal biology emphasis provides education for students interested in a career with private and governmental organizations conducting endangered species recovery, ecological restoration, biological surveys, toxicity evaluations, environmental impact analyses, field research, museum or herbarium curation, or who wish to work in zoos, nature centers, museums or botanical gardens. This emphasis also provides a suitable background for students wishing to pursue graduate degrees in related fields.

Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics

A business economics major with an emphasis in business administration will prepare students for a career in a wide range of fields, a perfect program if their career decision is unclear. Employers hire business administration graduates when the position requires a diversified education and an understanding of many facets of business like accounting, business management, sales and marketing. Economics will prepare students to handle the quantitative side of internal operations of complex organizations to maximize operational performance. The curriculum is aligned with the international standards to ensure students have prepared to face the challenges of the job sector.

Bachelors of Arts in Accounting

The commitment to developing strong financial decision makers is what makes the University of Northern Iowa College of Business Administration the top university for accounting degree graduates. All business decisions impact and are impacted by "the numbers." The accounting degree program will teach students how to prepare and interpret financial information that will benefit the economic activity of any organization. Certified public accountants are the most widely recognized and highly trusted professionals in the business world. The benefits that come with being a CPA include increased trust, opportunity and financial reward - some of which are not standard with a general accounting degree. The Non-CPA track accounting majors can work in a number of positions in a variety of companies without CPA certification. As an accountant, students can easily work for big and small businesses, school districts and various nonprofit and government organizations.

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