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Master of Science in Chemical Engineering

With an emphasis on hands-on experience, students of URI combine learning in chemistry, physics and biology to prepare for careers in chemical production, pharmaceuticals, polymers, new materials, renewable energy, environmental sustainability and more. The students pursue a traditional chemical engineering degree, and have the option of selecting a biology or pharmaceutical track. This Masters degree will not only provide students with the learning practical experience they need for the job sector but also develop them into skillful personnel.

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

From implementing smart transit systems, to designing wind farm foundations, to ensuring water quality, to crafting evacuation models, to creating safer bridges, civil engineers of URI provide the backbone of the world’s infrastructure. We place an emphasis on global learning that bridges classroom knowledge with projects abroad. Through this program students will get practical learning experiences that contribute significantly to the students’ career.

Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering

Our biomedical engineers apply engineering methods and principles, adapting technology to solve problems in the life sciences and medicine in order to improve and save lives. The students learn how to design and develop medical equipment and instrumentation for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases and health problems as well as for use in biological research.

Master of Science Degree

The University of Rhode Island offers a variety of graduate level degrees designed and executed for the learning outcome of working students and to develop them to become successful in their personal careers. The master’s degree can be obtained under one of the many offered disciplines. The courses are designed in a flexible way to accommodate all the students, especially those who are studying abroad, and those who study and work at the same time.

Bachelor of Science in Computer engineering

Through this well-structured program students learn to develop computer systems that drive the modern world. Computer engineers develops better ways to route Internet traffic, improve data security and integrity, provide clear cell phone reception and even predict the weather. The students learn to combine hardware concepts from electrical engineering with software concepts from computer science to design these systems and others.

Bachelor of Arts in Biology

The B.A. in Biology provides a high degree of flexibility. Students earn a liberal arts degree, which provides a foundation in biology with the option to choose courses in other disciplines. Students may want to use this opportunity to obtain further training in a sub-discipline of biology. For example, students could prepare for a career in scientific illustration or technical writing by double majoring in biology and art, or biology and English or journalism. Majors in biology and business administration would be excellent preparation to enter hospital administration or the business sector of pharmaceuticals.

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