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Masters of Arts in Biology

The Master of Arts in Biology at USD is one of the richest and most well coveted graduate programs in the university. Acceptance into the biology Master of Science (M.S.) program is based on cumulative grade point average (3.0 minimum), Graduate Record Examination scores for the general test, letters of recommendation and statement of purpose. Master's students must maintain a minimum overall grade point average of a B (3.0) in all course work. Students will get exposure to a lot of research based learning and exploring in the ever widening field of biology. With state of the art lab facilities and world renowned professors to guide students, graduates are able to gain practical explorative learning experience throughout the program.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Medicine

For students considering medical school, USD's pre-medicine program is a great head start. The program lets students earn a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Art degree while meeting undergraduate requirements for entrance into the Sanford School of Medicine. The science requirements for admission into medical school make it convenient for them to choose a science major. However, it's also possible to meet the requirements while earning a degree in a major other than science. Typically, a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in science and minors in social sciences and humanities would be a good combination to help prepare them for admission to medical school.

Bachelor of Business Administration (Innovation and Entrepreneurship)

Innovation and entrepreneurship are the buzzwords in the business world today. New businesses and even old ones no matter how well established are forced to take into consideration the possibility of innovation to stay aligned with the current market situations and keep up with the raging competition. This bachelor degree will provide students the skills and thinking capacity that is essential to employers today for hiring and an absolutely must for people going into managing businesses. Small class sizes and free interactions with knowledgeable faculty makes sure that students are able to tap into the hidden potentials and make the best use of them.

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