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The Master of Science in Accountancy, the most established program of its kind in Minnesota, includes more flexibility and professional development than most courses offered anywhere around. This program will help students earn their 150 credits toward CPA licensure, polish their professional skills, establish their professional network, and give them the confidence and personal support they need to succeed and excel.

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

The economics program develops a logical, consistent and rigorous method of thinking about the world and its problems. The economic way of thinking can be applied to a wide variety of topics including inflation, unemployment, financial markets, international trade, poverty, income inequality, currency depreciation, monopoly power, bank failures, sports, budget deficits and health-care costs. The Department of Economics offers two majors and a minor in economics. All three programs are designed to provide excellent career-entry skills and those skills providing preparation for possible career shifts.

Bachelor’s in Art History

The Art History Department at St. Thomas explores the many dimensions of art in a broad range of periods and worldwide cultures. The courses, programs, and faculty of the department prompt students to become investigators, learning to ask and answer questions about art, from pottery to painting, from bronzes to buildings. Students are encouraged to conduct independent research and to present their findings to a broader audience and to make art accessible inside and outside of the classroom. Art history embodies the study of the liberal arts by considering the work of art and architecture within its broader cultural and social context, including religion, economic production, politics, gender, and social identification. The liberal arts and interdisciplinary nature of the major can be combined effectively with other majors such as theology, history, philosophy, or with programs emphasizing professional skills, including journalism, communication, or elementary education.

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