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Master of Science in Environmental Management

This course was established over 30 years ago and is now widely recognised as an international leader in training environmental managers for work in both the public and private sectors. Environmental managers play a vital role in the protection and sustainable use of resources. Students learn to address issues such as adaptation to climate change, biodiversity and sustainable energy management. At the local level Environmental Management focuses on conservation and protection of land and water resources and natural habitats. Stirling’s graduates work for organisations such as the Environment Protection Agencies, major conservation bodies, local authorities and independent environmental consultancies, many in senior positions.

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Due to its structure and the way it’s taught, Economics is recognised as a good source of transferable skills. Recent graduates of this course have embarked on a wide range of careers, including management, accountancy and banking, as well as economics itself. Surveys have regularly found Economics to be one of the top four subjects for graduate pay. Almost all aspects of teaching in this program are highly coveted by students internationally. Many of the lecturers have an international reputation. Students are able to get the most out their degrees and apply themselves well in the job sector.

Bachelor of Science in Aquaculture

This innovative course, will train students in all subjects appropriate to global aquaculture. Aquaculture - or aquatic agriculture - is much more than ‘fish farming’ and includes culture of species such as prawns, shrimps, mussels, oysters, crocodiles, turtles and algae. Aquaculture already produces more than half of all of the fish consumed globally. The Institute of Aquaculture is the largest multi-disciplinary aquaculture department in the world, with 100 staff and 110 postgraduate students, and has a practical involvement in industry through its own fish farms, marine station and many commercial activities. There are especially strong links with research and development organisations worldwide.

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