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MBA (Finance Concentration)

The program allows students to develop a balance between the technical finance courses needed to work in financial institutions and the overall management skills needed in all business situations. The MBA with a Concentration in Finance provides rigorous training in the fundamentals of finance and is a way to advance a career within a current company, entice potential employers, or gain traction as an independent financial consultant.

Bachelor Degree in International Business

International Business degrees have become very important in our global market. With more and more companies pursuing global influence, University of the Potomac’s Bachelor Degree in International Business provides many advantages. The mission of the Bachelor of Science degree in International Business is to prepare students with fundamental managerial skills to succeed in a global business environment and to pursue careers in managerial positions in public or private companies and in non-profit organizations.

Bachelor’s in Accounting

The Bachelor’s in Accounting is a robust program with courses designed to give students a competitive edge with real life skills for a variety of accounting roles in public, private and government careers. Additionally, students can choose one of several concentrations within the accounting program to further focus their learning and help students differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

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