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Masters of Business Administration

Structured as a general preparation for managerial careers, the MBA prepares students for positions of responsibility in business, education, and government. Our program challenges students with problems that require them to address all relevant dimensions of key decisions in a new way. Students will experience an approach that will require them to integrate their existing knowledge base, and "blend and blur" across functional disciplines in much the way they will be required to throughout their professional lives.

Bachelor’s in Marketing

Marketing offers challenges, stimulating problems, working with people and unlimited advancement opportunities. The variety and number of career and job opportunities available to you upon graduation is impressive. If you think you would enjoy working with people in a business setting, then marketing is the major for you.

Bachelors in Information System

Information systems study centers on planning, analysis, design, and implementation of information systems that include technologies such as computer networks, e-commerce, and database applications. Students develop and use computer-based information systems in business environments in preparation for careers in information technology-related areas.

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