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Bachelors in Psychology

Through a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, students learn (and are able to demonstrate) a unique skillset focused on critical thinking, scientific problem solving, technical writing, speaking, and research ethics. Bachelor’s degrees provide students with a basis for understanding interpersonal interaction, the major theoretical schools of psychological thought, and the fundamentals of psychological research.

Bachelors in Chemistry

The degree of Bachelors in Chemistry is designed to provide a thorough foundation in the various fields of chemistry and the related sciences. The program is for students planning careers in the chemical industries or governmental laboratories, or who intend to do graduate work in chemistry.

Bachelors in Biology

The Bachelors in biology provides a solid foundation in all levels of biological organization, from molecules to ecosystems. Such a comprehensive curriculum is crucial to meeting modern challenges in science, which include new and emerging diseases, rapid advances in our understanding of genetics, physiology and biodiversity, threats to species and ecosystem functioning, and global population increase and sustainability.

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