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An MBA in Accounting is a professional graduate degree program that offers students the opportunity to earn high-level business curriculum so that they can become knowledgeable and well-rounded business professionals. Students will take advanced business courses to learn a variety of different skills and concentration courses that pertain specifically to principles that apply to the field.

Bachelor of Science in Business Economics

The business economics curriculum provides students with the ability to apply the general concepts of economics to help solve management problems. The major is centered around a thorough understanding of economics and is supplemented by courses in accounting, finance, and management.

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

The biochemistry major offers core study in chemistry that will lay the foundation for a future in biotechnology, biochemistry, and medicine. The integrated curriculum includes: general, organic, and physical chemistry; research methods; and quantitative analysis. In addition, UC biochemistry students have the opportunity make significant contributions to ongoing research and pursue independent research projects of their own.

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