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Automotive Service Technology Diploma

This program is designed for the apprentice currently working in the automotive service industry. Auto technician apprentice training at VCC is designed to meet the needs of both the apprentice and industry by providing a valuable and up-to-date training experience. Upon completion, apprentices return to industry with an increased, comprehensive skill set. The “e-pprentice” stream allows students to take the first portion of courses online, only coming to campus for the final portion of the term. Automotive service apprentices register into progressive technical training levels upon successful completion of the previous level technical training. Certification of Qualification exams cannot be written in any level without successfully passing the previous level.

Canadian Business Management Post-Degree Diploma

Vancouver Community College offers its students the Canadian Business Management Post-Degree Diploma as a 2-year long full-time program designed specifically to prepare the students for the various skills and knowledge they would need to manage a business in Canada of anywhere else in the world. This program will provide students with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to manage the human, physical and financial resources and complex strategic and practical management issues that are present in today's business environment. With the intensive care and guidance from the experienced mentors, students will learn through practical experience and hands-on knowledge sharing, the ins and outs of business management.

Administrative Assistant Diploma

The Administrative Assistant Diploma allows students to get the office fundamentals and technical skills they need to begin a successful career as an administrative assistant. During the intensive eight-month program, experienced instructors prepare students for the workplace. They will learn advanced skills in Microsoft Office, effective business communication skills, financial record keeping, data management and integral office procedures. They will also apply their new skills during a two-week practicum experience with one of the host companies. Graduates from this program are working throughout B.C. and across Canada in a wide range of businesses, service organizations and government agencies.

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