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Master of Science in Environmental Science

Our environment is hugely affected by human activity. Agriculture, use of natural resources such as water, wood and minerals, and industrial and consumer pollution are all factors with impact on the environment. As a graduate from the MSc programme in Environmental Science, you will get insight into environmental processes, pollutant effects on humans and the environment, and in how to create sustainable solutions to environmental problems.

Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology

Biotechnology aims at producing ‘bio-farm’ animals with improved meat, milk protein and other products such as high quality wool cannot be underestimated. The medical applications of biotechnology in development of drugs and vaccines and new cheap cost effective diagnostic techniques have gone a long way to alleviate hunger poverty and disease. Biotechnology also has applications in wildlife conservation, processing industry, mineral extraction through bioleaching, beverages, drug development, environmental restoration and conservation among others.

Bachelor of Arts in Agribusiness

A Bachelor of Agribusiness degree is a modern undergraduates’ course that is designed to prepare you for the real life environments in the agricultural businesses. Graduates with a bachelors degree in agribusiness have an opportunity to contribute directly to the improvements from the farm levels upwards to the multinational companies. This maintains the high standards of agribusiness in the modern world. Through the problem solving skills and techniques acquired through this course, graduates can now become relevant to the society.

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