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Master of Arts in Anthropology

Western Michigan University’s Master of Arts in anthropology provides you with essential training in critical thinking, writing for diverse audiences and holistic thinking to prepare you for both living and working in a diversity of settings.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies

The communication studies is designed to give you a background in communication while providing the opportunity to learn about media, public relations, and organizational communication, among other elements of the discipline. Depending on your interests and the elective courses you choose to take, as well as additional majors and/or minors, you may pursue a wide range of career options.

Bachelor of Science in Biology

Western Michigan University's biology program provides students with the latest knowledge and training in several areas of life science. This includes human biology as it relates to medical fields, although the program is not limited to or concentrated in this area. As a WMU student majoring in biology, you'll learn about the processes that are fundamental to all living organisms and will have the opportunity to study botany, cell biology, developmental biology, ecology, evolutionary biology, microbiology, neuroscience, pathology, physiology, virology and zoology.

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