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Master of Fine Arts

This programme prepares artists for a professional career working within a diverse field of contemporary art practices across local and international contexts. The interdisciplinary structure and philosophy supports artists in understanding how art and artworks operate in the world, and through regular critique, supervisory guidance, seminar participation and a focus on exhibition and publication practice assists them to develop their individual approach to practice and research.


The programme focuses on developing skills in general Drawing, Design and Digital Media while offering opportunities for more focused sampling and exploration within Graphic Illustration and Publication Design. This programme prepares students for essential skills and knowledge that can be further developed in Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Graphic Design and Photo Media, which are departments within the Bachelor of Fine Arts programmes at Whitecliffe. Graduates will gain skills and knowledge to fill junior assistant and/or support roles in arts and/or creative industries.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Students explore traditional and contemporary techniques, and engage with the various aspects of painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, video, digital media and spatial activation. The emergence of a meaningful artistic practice through a range of creative media is encouraged and supported by teaching the necessary skills to foster students’ creative, practical, and contextual development. Workshops focusing on specialised areas including moving image and 3-D installation are offered.

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