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Master of Science in Clinical Psychology

A masters degree in clinical psychology is a post graduate degree that provides individuals wishing to work as clinical psychologists. The masters program seeks to aid the students in acquiring the understanding and competence in research, psychological theory and practice. The masters program provides the graduates with the knowledge, skills, and the ethics relevant for the clinical psychology field. The program provides the necessary skills to the students through a combination of supervised practice, coursework and research; this helps polish the skills needed in the job market. Graduates training in the masters program are trained on the use of evidence-based practice models for use in their practice, both in health and in mental health settings.

Bachelor of Arts is Psychology

Psychology majors study human behavior, and because almost every career requires interacting with others, you’ll find psychology graduates working in business, education, health, urban planning and design, sports, and public safety. Understanding what motivates our colleagues, what instruction they are likely to remember, and how groups interact, are just some of the everyday situations for which a degree in psychology will prepare you. Our undergraduate curriculum stresses communication skills, scientific research, critical thinking, and cultural competency – all skills important to employers and for future graduate work. Psychology majors may qualify for certification as early childhood, elementary, and comprehensive secondary education social studies teachers. A number of students also double major in psychology and social work.

Bachelor of Science in Robotics Engineering

Widener’s robotics engineering program provides a broad-based education in a supportive environment that encourages inquisitive, analytical, and creative thinking, and exposes students to real-world practical aspects of the engineering profession. Students enjoy easy access to modern, well-equipped laboratories and computer facilities. By participating in multiple lab courses and team-based projects as part of their curriculum, and through undergraduate research opportunities, students practice what they learn in this exciting field where engineering meets automation.

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