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Master of International Management Programmes

The Master of International Management Programmes is a graduate degree program created to provide professionals with the competencies they need to take up leadership positions in a global business environment.

IBA (Bachelor) Marketing & Communication

Marketing & Communication comprises a combination of business marketing strategies, branding and the way that businesses and organizations promote themselves to the outside world. It is the business of creating a constant image that will promote the company, its ideals and its products. Marketing & Communication penetrates deeper than just the production of printed or online material, it deals with the way an organization communicates its messages, both internally and externally.

BA (Bachelor) Economics & Management

BA (Bachelor) Economics & Management curriculum enables students to understand management from an international and organisational, economy based perspective. Knowledge of how the economy works has become essential to businesses around the world. The idea that the way companies and organisations, consumers and governments make decisions that will affect the operation, performance and eventual success of a firm has been embedded within business administration, which makes the programme Economics & Management the broadest business degree offered by Wittenborg.

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