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M.A. in Biology

The graduate program in biology prepares students for professional or teaching careers, or for doctoral studies. The program is structured to offer breadth as well as depth in biological studies, the mastery of essential research techniques, and the ability to communicate effectively the results of creative research and scholarship.

Bachelor in Biology

Throughout the curriculum, our faculty emphasize the importance of evolution in biological phenomena, the role of the environment in biological interactions, and ethical behavior in scientific endeavors. Undergraduate students can choose from majors in Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology, and Environmental Science to prepare for graduate and professional school, a wide range of careers, and civic and social involvement. Students learn through not only their classes, but also hands-on research and internship experiences.

Bachelor in Accounting

Today, accountancy graduates stand at the center of global business disruption and change. Going forward, at every stage of your career, you will have the chance to play a strategic, proactive role — mining and developing information to harness forces — technology, data, globalization — to realize the holy grail of sustainable value creation.

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