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Master of Science in Wildlife Management

This course provides a link between the theory and practice of wildlife management. The course is taught from the perspective of regulatory authorities associated with UK wildlife management. Students will receive advanced training in policy and science implementation. It is professionally focused and relevant to a range of roles in the sector. The course aims to provide graduates with advanced knowledge of wildlife management theory, the principles of biodiversity and conservation, epidemiology and wildlife conflicts, practical skills in wildlife and environmental data collection, data analysis, data handling, statistics and modelling methodologies with a focus on providing evidence for policy, and training in humaneness and welfare for Home Office licensing.

Bachelor of Science in Marine Zoology

This degree explores animals in the marine environment, from single organisms right up to mammals such as blue whales. The programme has a strong emphasis on genetics, cellular and sub-organism processes, and provides an understanding of the marine environment in which animals thrive. It is important to understand the biology and function of marine animals to conserve and protect them. Students will enjoy high levels of practical experience - using the coastal laboratory and research vessel – and develop skills for a range of careers in the marine sector. The location near the coast provides fantastic fieldwork opportunities.

Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Finance

This professionally accredited degree provides a firm foundation in accounting and finance. Students will graduate with real-world problem-solving skills that are attractive to employers and a strong understanding of the academic theory that underpins professional practice. The degree focuses on three core disciplines that are essential for a successful career in any area of business or finance: Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, and Finance. Many of the graduates go on to train as Chartered Accountants. However, this degree can also lead to a range of other career options, such as finance or general management.

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